We believe in learning - all kinds of learning for all kinds of people, delivered in a personal style. Because wherever learning flourishes, so do people.

Pearson Academy

Pearson Academy is a learning centre hosting professional development seminars, workshops, master classes and training for Allied Health, Medical, Education and HR professionals in Australia and New Zealand.

At Pearson Academy we believe learning is for everyone and our aim is to deliver learning that is accessible, engaging, effective and personal.

We seek to create and cultivate a two-way learning partnership with you and aim to have dedicated professional facilitators who will present a wide range of current and relevant topics to assist you in your role and expand your knowledge and expertise. Our objective is to deliver expert, relevant and refreshing content and facilitation.

Pearson Clinical and Talent Assessment

Pearson Clinical and Talent Assessment is one of the world’s largest commercial developers and distributors of psychological testing materials for use in assessing intelligence, memory, neurocognitive functioning, academic achievement, work aptitude and personality, learning and developmental delay, speech and motor disabilities, and many more

Find out more about Pearson Clinical Assessment go to www.pearsonclinical.com.au

Find out more about Pearson Talent Assessment go to www.talentlens.com.au


Pearson is an international company with world-leading businesses in education, business information and consumer publishing.

We help children and adults to learn, business people to make good decisions, and readers to wise up or wind down with a good book.

Our businesses fuel the growing demand for effective education and high-quality information in the global knowledge economy, and share a common goal: to help people get on in their lives through education.

With 37,000 employees based in more than 60 countries, we aim to serve the citizens of our brain-based economy wherever and whenever they are learning - old or young, at home or school or work, in any pursuit, anywhere.