Mind Brain Conference 2018





The content was extremely useful and interesting. I feel as though I have something that can make a difference in my classroom straight away. I have a lot of practical information and strategies to go away with to inform my further learning, to share with colleagues and to improve my practice. I came to the Mind Brain Education Conference last year and it was excellent too; Mind Brain is 2 from 2 for me. I am happy to recommend it highly. Joanne Dixon, Classroom teacher.


I enjoyed the whole experience, the speakers, the venue, the learning - all of it. I wish all of my staff could come. Everyone in the school need to be on board. Jill Kehoe, Curriculum Leader/Literacy Leader


I felt that overall the content and delivery was amazing. I feel as though many of my colleagues would benefit from the ideas that were shared over the two days. Fiona Whelan, Classroom Teacher


Brilliant presenters, current, relevant and researched based. The speakers did an amazing job. The conference was well organised and I loved that the presenters notes were available prior to the conference. Kylie Angus, classroom teacher


The overall quality of guest speakers was outstanding and the conference challenged a lot of my thinking. Relevance of topics - spot-on! Zoe Wecker, school counsellor




I was so fortunate to attend two of these amazing conferences. I remember walking away from the first one thinking ‘every teacher needs to attend these conferences’. I realised just how vital an understanding of neuroscience and psychology is in helping us be effective as teachers. I immediately transformed my practice changing many things. I implemented a whole school emotional intelligence program, started teaching neuroscience to the children across the school, started measuring effect of programs across our school and most importantly became more involved in the iAIM regional project. I use what I learned at these conferences every day. The conferences were not only transformative for me as a professional educator, but they also inspired me to make many changes in my personal life. I have become a better teacher, a better dad and even a better husband as a result of what I learned at these conferences. Jay Wright, SET and STLAN, and part-time iAIM officer

I have been to two Mind Brain Education (MBE) Conferences and have learnt so much about the neuroscience of learning, visible learning, positive psychology, growth mindset, emotional intelligence and the importance of teachers being researchers. In fact I have used the conference concepts to underpin the work we are doing in the Darling Downs South West Region (QLD) for the Increasing Activity and Intelligent Minds (iAIM) program. We regularly refer to our Mind Brain Education (MBE) conference learnings in our professional development workshops and TeachMeets including the importance of physical activity in gaining and maintaining students’ attention, creating a positive, stress free learning environment, helping students connect to information and better retrieve it, replenishing neurotransmitters and helping brains and bodies switch on for learning.

The MBE conferences provide a great balance between sharing scientific evidence/research and giving examples of practical applications in schools, giving participants achievable goals to implement back in their schools/workplaces. Jocelyn Elliott, iAIM Regional Project Officer, Department of Education and Training, Darling Downs South West Region



Attending the Mind Brain Education Conferences from 2015 - 2017 have been one of the best professional development opportunities I've had in my teaching career. I have learnt so much in the last 3 years and have put multiple ideas into action in my classroom including developing a checking in system with my students from the session, ‘A Practical Example of Putting Mind, Brain and Education Science to Work in Two Melbourne North Schools, teaching students about the brain from the session ‘Research-Based Strategies to Ignite Student Learning’ by Dr Judy Willis.

Professor Sah reminded me that there is so much awesome information about the brain and that the kids just love learning about it! I also went straight back to school and adapted Marc’s Mood Meter with my daily ‘check in’ wall; my professional reading has skyrocketed! One of the best sessions was 'Making Thinking Visible - Understand the Kinds of Thinking That Underpin Learning and How We Can Use Thinking Routines As Effective Learning Tools’. I read this book and used a number of thinking routines successfully in my classroom.

I have been very open and transparent about sharing my knowledge and journey with my colleagues over the last few years and obviously how this ties in on so many levels with the iAIM program. Rebecca Johnston, year 3 teacher and iAIM school coordinator

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